about iacopo

italian architect living in Japan since 1998.
While introducing the best of Italy to Japan, I strive to share everything japan is amazing at with the world!
I am married with a japanese and we have 3 kids. Also under this aspect I cannot escape my mission of being like a bridge between cultures.

I am sure there are many new projects you and I can start together. Maybe this page can function as a first spark, a hint.
Because I am looking forward to connect with you, this is the reason I am displaying some of my present activities on this personal brand homepage.

For details, please drill into the different homepages (some are in japanese only) or contact me directly: iacopo – at – dodici12 – dot – com


Mission 1 : Create

give shelter to people and enrich their heart
(promote individuality with all my energy)

In the present consumerist society there are more people using than people creating. Men have the ability of "giving birth" . My influence is marginal but I try to give shape to my ideas and am dreaming of painting the world with all the colors that exist in nature.

Mission 2 : Connect

connect to where you want to go

On the footprints of Marco Polo... and for the sake of cultural exchange I introduce products that people are looking for. I try hard to preserve tradition and make sure it is handed out to the next generation.

About Iacopo

Iacopo Torrini
デンマーク、Aarhus School of Architectureへ留学
イギリス、Oxford Brooks University- Joint Center for Urban Design へ留学
イタリア、University of Torinoで建築学士取得
Silvana Giovannini – Studio UNO s.a.s.とのコラボレーション活動
アメリカ、ニューヨークBerzak Gold Architecture 所属
神戸Team Zoo – いるか設計集団 所属
一級建築士事務所 スタジオ・ドディチ 一級建築士・デザインコーディネーターとして本格的活動


studio dodici


    Since 2003 the first grade architect registered office “studio dodici” is specialized in the design of new construction homes, weekend houses, and model rooms.

    With reference to B2B projects, we have experience in hotel renovations, conversions, new construction of office buildings, showroom and investment properties.

    We also work as consultants (branding, site development, marketing)
    If your project is interesting we are looking forward to enter in your team!

    visit the studio dodici site

    slow architecture


      Borrowing the concept from the “slow food” movement, Slow architecture aims at promoting buildings and cities which respect the local materials and culture. I do not think that old buildings are superior to contemporary construction. On the other hand, in an age where machines were not available builders were forced to “think more” and this often resulted in more intelligent buildings.

      (site not updated since 2012)

      visit the slow architecture site

      historic homes

      It all started when a facebook friend asked me to help selling or relocating her aunt`s beautiful teahouse. Traditional buildings should be preserved in their environment. Anyway when there is no choice, relocating buildings somewhere in the world where they can be appreciated can assure this heritage is not lost. iacopo can act as a bridge between fine japanese buildings and japanese lovers worldwide.

      (currently in planning phase)


      bartok design japan


        since 2004 iacopo is designing and exporting japanese “ofuro” bathtubs worldwide.

        Hinoki bathtubs are great for relaxing thanks to the subtle aroma and soft/warm feel of wood. Since I do not carry stock all the tubs are order made to match your sizes/needs. They can be rectangular, round, oval and with numberless options such as internal seats, overflow sockets, slanted backs etc.

        visit the bartokdesign site

        dodici tile


          Since 1999, torrini developed this original tiles with the collaboration of a traditional ceramics atelier in central Italy. After hearing your taste and requirements, we prepare a drawing and once approved we send it to Italy to be manufactured. Main products are nameplates, signs, murals. Related sites are : – dodici tile art:http://dodicitileart.com/ – girotondo:we connect with chefs who are able to create unforgettable culinary experiences and deliver your their secrets. Join the merry-go-round!→ http://dodicitileart.com/restaurant/

          visit the dodicitile site

          ponte classico


            It all started when a client asked iacopo if he could help importing furniture from italy. Conscius of his role as a “bridge” between japan and italy he started importing italian furniture under the formula “import proxy”. As there is no stock involved, the risk and cost is low.
            On the other hand the client can fully customize their order choosing textiles, finishings etc. iacopo has a commercial relation with Silik, Asnaghi, Fratelli Origgi, Fratelli Radice, Mice, Aster Cucine and many others.

            visit the ponte classico site


            Kobe mastermindKobe-Business-masterminding-and-networking


            When I had troubles and distress at work I thought of finding a “mastermind group” to exchange ideas and find unbiased opinions.
            The problem is that there was no such a group in kansai, so I decided to start one…!
            We meet twice a month on thursday evenings. (in Kobe Club and Minami Horie)
            The concept is: “we care for your success, not for your feelings”. It is a place for honest and blunt brainstrorming.

            to the meetup page

            The Kobe Club


            From spring 2017 I was appointed as a Trustee at the Kobe Club.

            The Kobe Club was founded on may 1st 1869 by 13 Englishmen in the newly opened Kobe Port and is the oldest “gentlemen`s club” of western Japan.
            From 2014 its social form was changed into a “general incorporated association” and promote social activities without prejudice of nationality or sex.
            Kobe Club is a green oasis of 10,000 m2 located in the center of Kobe and it hosts a great variety of cultural and sportive events.
            Many members come from diplomatic, political, business, educational backgrounds and are representative of some 30 countries.

            visit the Kobe Club page


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